Things to see and do


You may have seen Shetland on the television - we've been attracting a lot of attention lately with our dramatic wildlife and compelling murder mysteries on the BBC - but nothing will prepare you for the warm welcome and the wealth of things to see and do once you're here in the islands! 

The long days of summer and the famous 'simmer dim' are a sight to behold - it hardly gets dark here in midsummer, and we're closer to the Arctic Circle than we are to London... And those long hours of daylight mean there's plenty of time to take in Shetland's fabulous scenery, wealth of archeological sites, and hundreds of thousands of breeding seabirds. Not to mention plenty of seals, otters, Shetland ponies and colourful sheep... 

Come the winter and the weather gets wilder and more dramatic, and there's always the chance of seeing the aurora borealis or Northern Lights colouring the night sky overhead. Failing that, in January you can rely on the incredible spectacle of Up Helly Aa, Lerwick's Viking fire festival - a day and night when the Vikings reclaim the town as their own, culminating in a torchlit procession and burning of a Viking longboat in the heart of the town. (And lucky you - Ravenscourt is right alongside the Town Hall where the procession begins!) 

Throughout the year there are festivals a-plenty in the islands, from the long-established Shetland Folk Festival that attracts artists from around the world to the much newer but burgeoning Shetland Wool Week, celebrating everything from Fair Isle knitwear to the sheep the wool comes from - and everything in between. There's usually something going on in town, and something to appeal to everyone.